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Nutriz: A History of Excellence in Frozen Foods

The Conscious Choice for Quality Frozen Foods

Nutriz has gained a strong presence in Brazil through its innovative approach, utilizing advanced technologies that set it apart in the market. The company ensures product quality year-round, from seed selection to delivery, with waste control and responsible labor. The brand is recognized not only for its processing speed but also for freshness and quality surpassing conventional fresh products. Offering a wide range of preservative-free frozen foods in 100% recyclable packaging, Nutriz provides convenience, health, and environmental respect. With a selection of natural ingredients for healthy nutrition, our unique freezing process preserves flavor and nutrients.

A Journey of Growth and Innovation

Founded in 2003, Nutriz has established itself as a reference in the frozen food market. In 2008, it inaugurated its own cold storage chamber, enhancing logistics and earning customer trust. In 2011, it launched a wholesale product line, followed by a visual packaging overhaul in 2012.

Over time, Nutriz also created the brands BOM APETITE and MACERATA, aimed at assisting the company’s strategic market presence. These brands are used for the commercialization of some Nutriz product line items and for distributing specific foods in certain regions of Brazil.

Since its inception, Nutriz has continued to evolve, expand, and increasingly offer quality and variety to all its customers.

Quality Food, Customer Satisfaction, and Socio-Environmental Responsibility

Nutriz seeks customer satisfaction with healthy products, improves processes, integrates suppliers, promotes human growth, respects the environment, and contributes to Brazil’s social and economic development through quality food.

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